Carmatech offers high end products for the player who wants the best. Carmatech stands out from the competition because of innovation created, manufacturing in the USA, and because Carmatech products are of the highest quality. The key to relevant innovation is to create a product that is not only advanced and different but also something the customer actually wants and cares about. Carmatech is proud to introduce the SAR12 bolt-action paintball sniper rifle to the marketplace.

The SAR12 (Scenario Adaptive Rifle) is a .68 caliber bolt-action paintball sniper rifle with some interesting capabilities. This sniper rifle has the ability to switch into a semi auto mode with a bolt change, which is a patent pending design. The SAR12 also has the ability to break down into a CQC pistol type weapon and can shoot both .68 caliber paintballs as well as finned First Strike rounds. This multi use platform has a 20” rifled barrel, a reversible dual stack magazine and comes with an air system already installed. This makes the SAR12 the only bolt-action turnkey solution for the discerning shooter.