About Carmatech Engineering


Started in 2010 Carmatech Engineering Inc. (CEI) is a mechanical engineering and product design company that utilizes engineering fundamentals to develop products under the CEI label. Since July of 2010 CEI has been working to refine and perfect the SAR12/ SAR12C for multimarket use.

Mission Statement: Carmatech will manufacture products that feature groundbreaking technology and are designed and Made in the USA. CEI products will offer multi-functioning designs and provide premium performance, thus creating a new standard for measurement. Carmatech seeks to change that status quo by offering Made in the USA products with laser focus on overall quality of product, domestic job growth, sustainability, and encouragement of entrepreneurship.

The SAR12 platform caters to law enforcement, military and the recreational paintball markets.


Carmatech Engineering Inc. (CEI) was formed by David Williams a couple of years after initial design and development of the now famous SAR12. The SAR12 design and engineering started out as an evening hobby that was originally planned to be a custom machined one off, that is until friends and family insisted that the design should become a marketable product. It was both their persistence and a burning question deep within the engineering mind of, “Could focus on engineering and ballistic principles possibly bring about an increase in performance?”

For the last couple decades, engineers and designers within the industry focused on the mechanics of the system, but neglected internal or external ballistics. One would assume that they focused on the system from the tank forward, and focused heavily on design and not engineering as a science. David chose to work backwards, from external ballistics, back through internal ballistics, then to the valve structure and regulator. His main focus was quantifying and understanding the ballistics, which developed the design scope in which the SAR internals would need to be developed.

With all the math and design finalized, CEI needed to find a group of talented risk takers to “invest” both monetarily and in time, on the first run of SAR12’s. We would later call them the BETA TEST TEAM, and if it wasn’t for these individuals, we wouldn’t have been able to release the SAR12 to the public. Our team was active daily on a closed group within social media, discussing the days findings and recommended corrections. The SAR would have been releasable to the public prior to the BETA team scrutiny, but they made the product exceptional and they should be proud of their work!

Active Beta Members